Monday, 3 April 2017

Antichrist (Dajjal) – The Greatest Fitnah Of The World

In this modern era, you will observe the lots of predictions regarding your life and the end of this world. every year you will face the new prediction about the future that this world is going to end one day.The Era of Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him took place fourteen hundred years ago, and the predictions and the symbols that Holy Prophet peace be upon him has delivered to us are the real symbol and entirely based on the truth. And as a Muslim we should believe on the instructions of the Quran and Sunnah that Has been delivered to us through the blessed lips of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him.

We see the people engaged in the religious activities and warn people about the end of this world and seek the forgiveness in the house of Almighty. Pay tribute to you religious deeds through best birmingham umrah packages. Therefore,you must take care about the life that is waiting for you after death and that is eternal life for you. And you usually face the different prophecies about the end of this world. but it would not be end until all the symbols not become true that has been specified through the blessed lips of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. And the biggest symbol that has been mentioned is the anti-Christ. Like the explanations of hadith clearly mentions about the catastrophic of Dajjal. And from the birth of the Adam A.S there is no fitnah greater that of Dajjal.

In short there will be too much hard time for the people of this world that they will face a severe famine before that one is the lack of the food, other one is the lack of the rain. The sky and the earth both will cease the complete environment of the production with the command of Allah Almighty. and only the remembrance of Allah Almighty will be the food of the people their last sustenance. It will be the real test for the Muslims and the successful people will be in heavens on the high ranks without any doubt. And Dajjal that is also known as anti-Christ will appear in the end of the days. And who will have faith will clearly separate from those who will not have. And therefore, we should always ask for the forgiveness and the protection of Allah Almighty so that we could be among successors.

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