Thursday, 16 March 2017

Concept Of Taubah In Islam

Islam has a very unique and interesting concept of Taubah. It means that you are not only aware of your sins but you make a commitment to yourself that you will not commit that sin again.It means that you not only refrain from doing a sin once but you avoid doing it for the rest of your life. If a person has made a decision that he will not don a certain sin again, and after some days he does that sin again then there is no point of doing Taubah at all. You may fool other people but you can’t fool your Lord who created you and is aware of each single act and thought to go on in your mind.

Imam Ghazali once said that human beings have such a curious soul that they get attracted towards sins. Just like a person has a habit of making sins, he should also make a habit of making Taubah after doing that sin. Once he makes a habit of doing Taubah, the chances increase that one day that guy will die in the state of Taubah. We Muslims, are often aware of our sins and feel guilty after doing any bad thing. Many Muslims perform the holy obligation of Hajj each year by availing Ramadan Umrah Low Cost Deals with Tickets in the UK, and in that obligation, they make sure that they do Taubah in front of the holy Kaaba so that Allah can listen to your heartfelt prayers and can provide his mercy upon you.

A person should always be aware of the wrong and right deeds. It is true that you don’t have much control on your sins as human because it is human nature that he easily gets attracted towards the bad deeds which may lead to bigger sins as well. But what we as human beings can do is that we should ask for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy so that he can lead us to the right path of virtue. May Allah give guidance to all Muslims so that they can lead a right path of their life and can please Allah Almighty before death knocks at their door.

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