Sunday, 12 February 2017

Your Good Deeds Will Save You From Hellfire

Life is too complex is if you would go under investigation for every little aspect of it. For many people, it almost like a heaven who get everything whatever they want and can purchase every facility of this world. But they don’t realize that their wealth, their children, their all difficulties and their good times are test for them. In reality life is a test to identify the true believers.

It’s clearly been mentioned in the verses of Quran that, the world is extremely a temporary thing, if you will wish for this then there will be no reward for you after that. but if you enjoy your time here and earn some good deed for you then there will be lots of facilities after that. as we are well aware of this fact that Quran is a word of Allah (SWT). And each and every word in this world will be hundred percent truth. Indeed, it will wrong thing if we put percentage on that because it can never be wrong so commandment of Allah (SWT) more than truth.

We should keep the verses of Quran in our mind. As it is a source of great confidence and satisfaction. Nether it strengthens our faith but also put us in the strong believers as well. There should be no value of this life and the things of this virtual world in the eyes of a true believer because he always knows this fact that Allah (SWT) has arrange better place for him. he should always try to please Allah (SWT) for himself and make forgiveness every time. He put himself busy in the remembrance of Allah (SWT) and always trust Him for the better results.

The fact of this life is obvious for everyone. Some believe it and some of them deny it. But it is the eternal fact that it will no longer remain. As scientists, have also reveal this fact that it will going to over one day. Therefore, we should earn good deeds and seek forgiveness in every moment of our lives. The best way of forgiveness is Hajj that washes out all your sins. Therefore, we are providing Best Umrah Packages for Family from Birmingham, England. and many Muslims seek forgiveness every year to wash out their sins and their main purpose is to get all the Blessings of that Almighty. Because they knew that good deeds will save them from Hellfire.