Thursday, 8 December 2016

Respected women Umm- E-Salma


Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and true affection for true heart. Our prophet is example for all the Muslims. He is the true legend. He is great example for the married and un married people. After the death of Zainab bint khuzama our great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa married Umme Salma. After her marriage to our beloved Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBHU). she stayed in the same home which Zainab bint Khuzaima stayed. Her old name is Hinda. 

Her father’s name was Abu Umayya, who was well recognized for his kindness. He used to spend well upon his friends when he was on a journey, therefore he was known as provision for the travelers. Her mother’s name was Aatika, who was from the people of Bani Farias. She was widow. Umm Salma was alone after death of his husband, she has top many child’s. There was no one to arrival after her and them. Remembering what her husband had said her while she was seeing after him, she repeated the pray that he had recalled: All the Muslims in Medina were known of Umm Salaam’s condition, and when her iddah of four months and ten days were ended, Abu Bakr send proposal marriage to her, but she declined.

Then Umar asked her to marry him, but again she rejected. Then the Our prophet Muhammad e Mustafa himself asked for her hand in marriage. Ume e Salma asked for the prophet If I feel jealous then I fear from Allah then prophet pray for her "As for your jealousy," replied the Prophet, "I pray to Allah the Enormous to take it away from you. As for your age, I am older than you. As for your numerous children, they fit to Allah and His Messenger. She lived in Madinah and that is the place for Muslim. here they perform hajj and Umrah via cheapest hajj packages.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Greetings Are Morals In Islam

Islam is religion of peace and reality integrity and Love. Islam encourage healthy society and helpful behavior for each other. Islam permute humanity. Islam housings every feature of life; it is not a religion that is best experienced once a week or throughout exact revels. 

Islam, finished the words of God in the Quran, and the civilizations of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa The Last Messenger, may the compassion and blessings of God be upon him, suggestions advice and direction from dawn till dusk, from birth till death.  Islam even imparts the believers the best way to meet and greet to each other; it is a complete system of the event of hajj and Umrah there is also message of greetings and peace. people go hajj and umrah from all over the world and they take this services and Offers Islamic Umrah Pilgrimage Services.

There are a lot of Hadith related to Greetings in the book of Hadith.

  •  There is Hadith belonging to Abu Huraira stated Allah's Messenger Muhammad Musatfa (may peace be upon him) as said like this: The proviso should primary greet the dull, and the ordinary the one who is sat and a small group should receive a larger collection (with as-Salam-u-'Alaikum).  
  • Abu Talha stated: While We were sitting in opposite of the houses and speaking amongst with each other, Allah's Messenger (PBHU) occurred to come there. He created by us and said: What around you apd your conferences on the pathways? Evade these conferences on the paths. We said: We were sitting here deprived of (any meaning of doing damage to the passers-by. we are sitting to deliberate substances and to hold chat amongst ourselves. Immediately he said: If here is no help for you but to sit on these paths, then give the paths their privileges and these are dropping of the stare, swapping of greetings and good chat and greetings.  

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bab-ul-Fatha: The Entrance Door Of Kabbah

This is the entrance point of the Holy Kabah. This is also known Door of Victory. It was the story past When here from that place the Prophet (PBUH) arrived during the conquest of Makkah on Friday, Twenty Ramadhan Eight A.H.

When the army of Muslims came towards Makkah, they first stopped at DhuTuwa, not far from the city but inside sight of it. When his camel Qaswa came to a stop, the Prophet (PBUH) curved his head until his goatee almost touched the burden, in gratitude to Allah (Overvalued and High is He). The Prophet (PBUH) then drawn up his troops to enter Makkah. Khalid bin Waleed (may Allah be pleased with him) took facility of the right and entered from the inferior part of Makkah. He took knowledge of the left annex and entered from the upper part of Kada.

The center part of the army was separated into two; half of it was led by Saad bin Ubadah (may Allah be pleased with him) and his youngster, and the other half, in which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) himself galloped, was controlled by Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah (may Allah be pleased with him) who ordered the infantry. The sheer astonishment of the attack shocked the Quraysh and very little confrontation was put up against the Muslims.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) erected at the door of the Kabah, land its frame and spoke at distance to his former oppressors shamed before him, explanation several laws of Islam and stopping all pagan performs. Then he asked them, “Manhood of the Quraysh! What do you think I will do to you?”. They said, “We hope for the finest. You are unworthy brother and the son of an honorable brother!”. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) responded, “I say to you what Yusuf said to his brothers, ‘No criticism shall be on you this day.’ Go on your way, you are free.”

This is the historical story of this gate. When pilgrims come to perform Hajj and Umrah they entered from this gate. For the Umrah journey. We are giving you our best and Ramadan Umrah Packages which are very low in cost. These Cheap Umrah packages have best services.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Prophet Moses: His Conversation With Allah

Prophet Moses: His Conversation With Allah

Amongst the prophets reciprocally revered by Islam and Judaism is the protuberant figure of Moses (pbuh). A successor of Joseph, also recognized as Yusuf, (pbuh), Moses cavorted a decisive role in reestablishing liberty to the Israelites. While he met many victories, he also practiced hardships in his the life of prophet(PBHU)in the time of the prophet and his era of lifetime. In Quran, its said by Allah It was We who exposed the Torah (to Moses); there was management and light. By its normal have been arbitrated the Jews, by the Prophet who curved to Allah’s will, by the Priests and the Medics of Law: for to them was right-hand the defense of Allah’s Book, and they were observers thereto: so, terror not men, but terror Me, and vend not My Signs for an unhappy value. 

Prophet Moses has great affection with Allah. He listened the voice of Quran and in the Book of hadith its mention Allah talk to Prophet Moses.  He requested Moses to eliminate his shoes for he would be standup on holy ground.  Allah exposed to Moses that he had been selected for a singular mission and offer him listen to what was about to be supposed. 

In Quran Allah, again mention “Verily!  I am God of the Universe, nonentity has the right to be adored but I, so adore Me, and do prayer for My Commemoration.  Verily, the Hour is pending and I am almost beating it that every person may be satisfied for that which he endeavors.  Therefore, let not the one who trusts not therein. but shadows his own lusts, divert you, lest you die. In a straight chat between God and Moses(PBHU), prayer was set upon Moses and his groups.  Prayer was also agreed upon Prophet Muhammad and his Ummah in much the same way on the nightly of Prophet Muhammad’s trip to Jerusalem and ascent into the skies. For the adoration and show your love to Allah does hajj and Umrah with Cheapest Hajj Packages.