Thursday, 8 December 2016

Respected women Umm- E-Salma


Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and true affection for true heart. Our prophet is example for all the Muslims. He is the true legend. He is great example for the married and un married people. After the death of Zainab bint khuzama our great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa married Umme Salma. After her marriage to our beloved Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBHU). she stayed in the same home which Zainab bint Khuzaima stayed. Her old name is Hinda. 

Her father’s name was Abu Umayya, who was well recognized for his kindness. He used to spend well upon his friends when he was on a journey, therefore he was known as provision for the travelers. Her mother’s name was Aatika, who was from the people of Bani Farias. She was widow. Umm Salma was alone after death of his husband, she has top many child’s. There was no one to arrival after her and them. Remembering what her husband had said her while she was seeing after him, she repeated the pray that he had recalled: All the Muslims in Medina were known of Umm Salaam’s condition, and when her iddah of four months and ten days were ended, Abu Bakr send proposal marriage to her, but she declined.

Then Umar asked her to marry him, but again she rejected. Then the Our prophet Muhammad e Mustafa himself asked for her hand in marriage. Ume e Salma asked for the prophet If I feel jealous then I fear from Allah then prophet pray for her "As for your jealousy," replied the Prophet, "I pray to Allah the Enormous to take it away from you. As for your age, I am older than you. As for your numerous children, they fit to Allah and His Messenger. She lived in Madinah and that is the place for Muslim. here they perform hajj and Umrah via cheapest hajj packages.

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