Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Greetings Are Morals In Islam

Islam is religion of peace and reality integrity and Love. Islam encourage healthy society and helpful behavior for each other. Islam permute humanity. Islam housings every feature of life; it is not a religion that is best experienced once a week or throughout exact revels. 

Islam, finished the words of God in the Quran, and the civilizations of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa The Last Messenger, may the compassion and blessings of God be upon him, suggestions advice and direction from dawn till dusk, from birth till death.  Islam even imparts the believers the best way to meet and greet to each other; it is a complete system of the event of hajj and Umrah there is also message of greetings and peace. people go hajj and umrah from all over the world and they take this services and Offers Islamic Umrah Pilgrimage Services.

There are a lot of Hadith related to Greetings in the book of Hadith.

  •  There is Hadith belonging to Abu Huraira stated Allah's Messenger Muhammad Musatfa (may peace be upon him) as said like this: The proviso should primary greet the dull, and the ordinary the one who is sat and a small group should receive a larger collection (with as-Salam-u-'Alaikum).  
  • Abu Talha stated: While We were sitting in opposite of the houses and speaking amongst with each other, Allah's Messenger (PBHU) occurred to come there. He created by us and said: What around you apd your conferences on the pathways? Evade these conferences on the paths. We said: We were sitting here deprived of (any meaning of doing damage to the passers-by. we are sitting to deliberate substances and to hold chat amongst ourselves. Immediately he said: If here is no help for you but to sit on these paths, then give the paths their privileges and these are dropping of the stare, swapping of greetings and good chat and greetings.  

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